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Daft Punk helmet design

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Smart lighting technology is lighting technology connected to the internet and it is instrumental in allowing the smart lights to follow a schedule, make decisions and can be controlled using a mobile application. The smart lighting technology has a wide range of applications including smart lighting outdoors, industries and indoors. From smart lighting to lighting fixtures, smart technology has the capability to sense as well as automatically interact with users, other smart devices and their environment. Smart lights are different from the regular light bulbs as they have the capacity for remote control or by means of voice commands. Smart lighting employs the use of smart bulbs; these are internet-capable LEDs that enable customization, controlling and scheduling. The smart lighting gives users immense control over lighting.

Most individuals using smart lighting ask the question ‘Are smart bulbs dimmable?’ In Fact most smart bulbs are dimmable but not all of them. The dimmable options include full-color spectrum, white, and tunable white lighting. The dimmable smart bulbs allow the user to adjust the color temperature from cool to warm; this plays an instrumental role in assisting with the circadian rhythm that promotes sleep.