Do you have any Great Ideas?

At Geviton the steps below illustrate how we bring your ideas to life.

01. Ideation

We partner with startups, enterprises and innovators to develop viable product ideas with clear development and manufacturing goals.

02.Breadboard Prototyping

It is the process of using off-shelf components to test and determine viability before proceeding with the project. We use our extensive hardware platform experience to provide affordable prototyping and R&D costs with fair mass production clauses.

03. Enclosure Design

We design a suitable enclosure for your product, based on the functional requirements, mounting style and desired aesthetics.

04. Alpha Prototype

We built an Alpha prototype that allows us and the users to test the product exhaustively. This first hand feedback from the target customers/users is key to optimize the product design before moving to production.

05. Electronic Schematic Design

We design the electronic circuit for your product using cost effective and readily-available parts for the process. This reduces the production cost of the final product and ensures the mass production run will not be affected by global supply chain shortages of critical components.

06. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Using the electronic schematics and the enclosure design we are able to develop a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which incorporates all the electronic components that are needed to make the product work, adhering to ISO and IEEE electronic design standards.

07. Optimization and Design For Manufacture(DFM)

Once we are satisfied with the overall design of the product we optimize it for manufacturing. This involves making enclosures moldable and product certification. Our DFM practices reduce your manufacturing cost and time, ensuring you get to market quickly and within the projected commercial terms.

08. Manufacturing

Our strong relationships with PCBA and product assembly factories and key electronic component distributors guarantee a seamless mass production process.


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