Water Management


Smart Tank Level Sensor

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What’s water management?

Water management refers to the process of developing, planning, and managing water resources for both water quality and quantity for a wide range of water uses. Water management is vital in Kenya for instance water conservation or reuse play’s a vital role in recycling ground water by reducing consumption or the use of alternative sources of water.

Why is water management important? Managing water resources is critical as water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population. Understanding that water has limited accessibility means that there is minimal accessibility for water in order to meet our needs. Therefore, countries today place unprecedented pressure on water resources.

By managing water water the individuals and institutions are able to ensure optimal use of water resources to meet current and future needs. Water management issues are immensely complex and good management is vital in streamlining the complex task. Through effective water management communities and governments can gain immense benefits. As water management ensures minimal sewer and water costs, less energy usage and enhanced control during the summer.