Virtual Reality Body Tracker

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In most instances, when we encounter the word virtual reality most individuals picture movies about science fiction. The reality of the matter is that technology has evolved significantly, blending completely into our daily lives.
What is virtual reality? Virtual reality refers to a computer-generated environment that appears real, giving the user a sense that they are immersed in their surroundings. An individual usually views virtual reality through a helmet or a virtual reality headset. Through virtual reality individuals can fully immerse themselves in video games as characters.
Virtual reality seems like a highly futuristic undertaking that leaves one to wonder, when was virtual reality invented? Virtual reality dates back as far as the mid-1950s with Sensorama being one of the first virtual reality machines. Sensoramas consisted of built-in seats playing 3D movies that in some extreme cases gave off odors in addition to generating vibrations to make the experience as vivid as possible.